Veritas Mountain

Veritas: We like the idea of our cloud computing product being represented by a “thread”, that is one simple solution to find your way to the cloud.
Almost Gold: Yeah, we dig that.
Veritas: Oh! We also need it to climb a treacherous mountain.
Almost Gold: That goes without saying. Do you have money for us to film all of this?
Veritas: Absolutely not.
Almost Gold: No problem, we’ll combine stock footage with fully CG environments and then have a bunch of CG threads dance around, climb a mountain and shoot up into the clouds.
Veritas: Cool.


Client: Veritas Agency: Clock Four Creative Director: Linas Jodwalis Executive Producer: Paul Klinke Storyboard Artist: Lenin Delsol Editor: Paul Klinke VFX Artists: Linas Jodwalis, Dan Bruce, Chris Friesen Compositors: Will Fisher, Chris Friesen Audio: SHIRK Studios Voice Over Talent: Michael Goldberg

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