Twitter Spaces 2D

This project was a welcomed change of pace for us. It was all 2D animation, and we loved it! The amount of design and storyboarding that went into this was a bit excessive, but it was really a passion project. Unfortunately, this spot was killed by the client a few weeks from completion, and it was never finished, but it's too good not to show it off! Also, a little peek behind the curtain of a long form animation and everything that goes into it.


Client: Twitter Creative Director: Linas Jodwalis Executive Producer: Paul Klinke Designers: Matt Beharry, Zach White, Amanda Moody Animators: Adam Kois, Matt Beharry Compositors: Linas Jodwalis, Anthony Palermo Editor: Almost Gold Audio Talent: Linas Jodwalis 🤣

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