We area design-driven commercial production company based in Chicago’s Kinzie Corridor neighborhood. We partner with agencies, corporations and artists from all over the world, to produce content of the highest quality. Our lengthy industry experience, and diverse skill set allow us to direct projects from concept to completion, specializing in Live Action, VFX, Motion Design, Editorial and Color.

Linas Jodwalis

Creative Director

Linas began his adventures in film and advertising over 20 years ago in Los Angeles, and has enjoyed a long humbling career working for studios such as Motion Theory, Digital Kitchen, MK12, Thornberg & Forester, Nike, Radar Studios, Vitamin Pictures, and Method Studios. With extensive experience in the design-driven, motion graphics industry, and little patience for bureaucracy, Linas founded Almost Gold in 2014.

Paul KLinke

Executive Producer

Paul is the Executive Producer for Almost Gold and brings over 20 years of experience to the table. With a background in both live-action and post-production, Paul has produced hundreds of spots during his career. He excels at managing live action, animation, photography, stop motion, visual effects, and fosters a creative environment for top artistic talent.

Anthony Palermo

Associate Creative Director

Anthony is a well-known creative leader and an accomplished artist. After completing film school at Columbia College with a focus on animation, his immense talent for motion design quickly transitioned into a career in short form content for the advertising industry. Before joining Almost Gold, Anthony’s portfolio already included incredible work for brands like Capital One, Jack Daniels, Career Builder, and the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

StudioAlmost Gold is 3000 sq/ft of meticulously designed work space built to foster creativity, and provide a comfortable, yet stimulating environment. Originally founded as a design driven production studio focused on 3D, motion design and VFX, Almost Gold’s offered services have grown to include editorial, color, finish, VO record and audio mix. Additionally, we offer four-walling services in Chicago, capable of editorial, color and audio, along with a conference room, assistant editor stations and client service amenities. A midcentury aesthetic flows throughout the space, featuring cozy rooms wrapped in beautiful hardwood.

ClientsHere at Almost Gold we love all our clients. Of course I'm lying. Some of them are total nightmares but we would never tell them that to their faces. Okay, I'm lying again. We've had to tell a couple. However, we have been lucky enough over the years to make lasting and meaningful relationships with the clients who are not nightmares. We believe that putting your trust in us to execute on your vision is a huge deal and we take it very seriously. Building and maintaining that trust is our number one focus.

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