Principe Rise Above

When Principe asked if we could “Rise Above The Board”, we asked, how high? This project presented an interesting challenge to photograph charcuterie in a way that stood out from the top down crowd. We turned these salumi’s and accoutrements on their head by creating seasonal sculptures to tell the story of the curing process from the autumn harvest to the summer celebration. To be enjoyed with fine wine and even finer friends. Buon Appetito!


Client: Principe Sr. Brand Strategy & Communication Manager: Karina Fonseca Sousa Brand Strategist: Nicole Ertas Associate Marketing Brand Manager: Shwe Hmon U

Design & Production: Almost Gold Creative Director: Linas Jodwalis Producer: Mary Kate Gamber Lead Animator & TD: David Johnson Animators: Renan Santa Terra, Taylor Cox Modeling & Lighting: Lucas Pereira Modeler: Moises Gomes Lead Compositor: Danny Noren Editor: Keith Kristinat Concept Artist: Derek Winslow, Ben Girdwood Colorist: Jeff Altman Audio: Wesley Slover - Sanctus Audio

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