Scientology Mining Industries

As we all know, The Church of Scientology has been working for decades on reaching the core of the earth in order to tap into the life energy of the all-powerful Ghoro (ruler of the underworld). They’ve been developing a massive underground boring operation that utilizes future technologies developed off-planet and the tireless labor of thousands of enslaved mole people. Of course, all of this requires a great amount of capital and so they needed a really sexy animation to capture the imagination of investors. Although we can’t legally show the entire project, here are some highlights that we’re proud of.


Agency: Converse Marketing Creative Directors: Linas Jodwalis & Patrick Coleman Executive Producer: Paul Klinke Producer: Charlie Ferraye Editor: Jill Dugan Storyboard Artist: Lenin Delsol 3D Modeling and Animation: Jeff McBride, Patrick Coleman, Jared Willard, Brody Davis, Ryan Vazquez Editor: Paul Klinke

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