As we all know, The Church of Scientology has been working for decades on reaching the core of the earth in order to tap into the life energy of the all-powerful Ghoro (ruler of the underworld). They’ve been developing a massive underground boring operation that utilizes future technologies developed off-planet and the tireless labor of thousands of enslaved mole people. Of course, all of this requires a great amount of capital and so they needed a really sexy animation to capture the imagination of investors. Although we can’t legally show the entire project, here are some highlights that we’re proud of.


Agency: Converse Marketing Creative Directors: Linas Jodwalis &amp Patrick Coleman Executive Producer: Paul Klinke Producer: Charlie Ferraye Editor: Jill Dugan Storyboard Artist: Lenin Delsol 3D Modeling and Animation: Jeff McBride, Patrick Coleman, Jared Willard, Brody Davis, Ryan Vazquez Editor: Paul Klinke