Director Matt Egan & Almost Gold’s Executive Creative Director Linas Jodwalis join forces to create dynamic visuals in a technically ambitious project to captivate a new audience and expand the demographic for LS Brand. Cinematic motion control photography leads the viewer on a playful journey through the imaginary virtual spaces inhabited by models wardrobed in Mod, Bohemian and Classic styles.


Direc: Matt Egan DP: Vance Burberry EP: Lindha Narvaez Production Company: Moniker Client: Living Spaces Agency: Pitch Wardrobe: Nadine Haders Wardrobe Asst: JJ Lewis Make Up/Hair: Sue Crawford Make Up/Hair Asst: Risa Rodrigues & Ashley Carroll Prop Master: Tim Geary Featured Talent in order of appearance: Amanda Fields, Nicole Huber, Chad Smith Editor: Matt Egan 3D: Linas Jodwalis Compositing: Linas Jodwalis & Omar Cataño Colorist: Fred Keller Finishing: Almost Gold Sampled Voice of Barbara Stanwyck (The Lady Eve and Lady of Burlesque)
Featured Illustration by Patrick Seymour
Music Track: “Kyoto” by Skrillex