LS Brand - Your Style “chic” - Director’s Cut 

Boss women star in this Director's Cut for LS Brand. Syncopated editing combined with neon typography creates a spot that oozes cool, sensuality, and irreverence.


Director : Matt Egan
DP : Vance Burberry
EP : Lindha Narvaez
Production Company : Moniker
Client: Living Spaces
Agency: Pitch
Wardrobe: Nadine Haders
Wardrobe Asst: JJ Lewis
Make Up/Hair: Sue Crawford
Make Up/Hair Asst: Risa Rodrigues & Ashley Carroll
Prop Master: Tim Geary
Featured Talent in order of appearance : Gigi Thoennes, Raina Hein, Carlena Britch

Editor: Matt Egan
VFX: Frank Donnagelo & Matt Egan
Sampled Voice of Barbara Stanwyck (The Lady Eve and Lady of Burlesque)
Featured Illustration by Patrick Seymour
Music Track: “Kyoto” by Skrillex