Almost Gold Welcomes Executive Producer Paul Klinke

Almost Gold is happy to welcome our new Executive Producer, Paul Klinke, to the team. After over 12 years of producing creative content on the West Coast, Paul is back in his hometown of Chicago and is excited to be doing what he loves, in the city he loves.

Paul has deep roots in the creative industry that stem from an education in production and video engineering. In Southern California he spent over 6 years at Sony Playstation and produced over 200 spots supporting the marketing efforts of countless major game titles. This experience and education, matched with his honed management skills make him a truly dynamic talent.

Over time, Paul has managed productions for live action, animation, photography, stop motion and game capture editorial to name a few. He has learned to champion quality artistic talent and the cultivation of a creative environment where artists can thrive.

Beyond his love of creative workflow and artist development, his communication skills have made him a favorite for clients like Bose, Under Armour, ESPN, Playstation, Coors, Mountain Dew, John Deere, Gillette and McDonald’s.